Virgin Bulk Human Hair

Product Descriptions Of Virgin Bulk Human Hair:

Origin: India.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Pieces (1kilogram) Material: Indian Human Bulk Hair.

Human Hair Type Grade: Remy Hair ( Unprocessed Hair )

Style Texture: Straight

Color: Natural Black / Brown.

Hair Length: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 inches.

Type: Bulk Raw Hair Bundle.

Dye able: Yes Dye able

Shedding & Tangle: No Shedding, No Tangle and No Smell.

Cuticle: Full Cuticle free in same direction.

Hair Feeling: Soft, Clean, and Healthy Hair End.

Treatment Process for texture: Steam Processed Curl Texture, Stay Long Time.

Weight 100g (+/5g) piece bundle. Restyle: Can Be Curled and Straightened.

Processing Hair: Wash with Shampoo, No Chemical Process.

Delivery Time: Stock in 24 Hours, 7-15 Days for Bulk Orders.

Transport Packaging: DHL & Air cargo. 

Durability: Last 2-3 year with proper care 

Port: JNPT Mumbai, India.

Production Capacity: 5000 Pieces Monthly.

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union, Money Gram.


What Is Virgin Bulk Human Hair?

Hi it's Mithu Brothers from only version here I wanted to come and share with you guys our bulk hair now this is bulk hair by Mithu Brothers and this is how we actually receive all of our hair to create.

whatever hair system of your choosing so what makes this bulk hair well number one is because this hair has been cut straight from the donors ponytail as you can see this is a point in the ponytail style and it has been cut straight from the donors ponytail number two it is totally un heard so.

whatever texture we actually receive in from the actual donor is the texture that you would receive upon your choosing so you have the option of straight wavy or curly hair this here is pretty much aslight between curly and straight hair now.

when you come in you can you will actually be able to see the different difference in the variety of straightwavy and curly hair sometimes I'm here to you maybe consider straight hair butit it's actually a little bit wavy sowhen you come in and you're actually choosing the hair that you actually wantor you put in your specification in your description or line will be able to follow your specification when making your hair system. 

Now that's the second thing the hair is completely unalteredis virgin hair and it actually has not been put in the system in which you will actually wear your hair extensions in so right now you couldn't actually wear this because if I was to remove this rubber band number one the cuticles will become all mixed up and the hair would tangle number two this actually isn't a method right in here inside of the rubber band the methods in which we are able to make halo extensions hand tied extensions bundles which is putting thehair on the web closures front toast custom ventilated wigs we're able to dotape extensions eye tips you know. 

What we're able to do a number of things you name it you call us you access youcome in and see us and we'll tell you whether or not we're able to actually create the hair system for you clip ishow did I forget about clippers you gotta love clip pings, 

So this is bulk hair number one the reason why this is bulk hair is simply because it is cuts traight from the donors ponytail and it's still in that method number two is because you can choose from yourdifferent textures and number three is simply because you cannot wear this hairin this method right here it has yet tobe put in the application of method ahair system of your choosing so that will allow you to be able to wear this hair flaw lessly okay to rock whatever style you want so give us a call and we'll be happy to take care of you.

Types Of Virgin Bulk Human Hair:

  • Single Drawn Hair 
  • Double Drawn Hair

What Is Use Of Virgin Bulk Human Hair

Virgin Human Hair is used for making hair products like are

  • Weft Hair Bundles,
  • Hand Tie Weft 
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Wigs
  • Closure  and Frontal and many more hair products.

Advantage Of Virgin Bulk Human Hair

  1. Its easily dye in any colors 
  2. Easy to style in texture,.
  3. Long Time Durable more then 2 year.

Notice : Buy Virgin Bulk Human Hair, we higly recommended / suggestion to human hair products from Indian Manufacturer.