Indian Human Hair Weave ( Non - Remy Hair )

Indian virgin Remy Hair is from India . It get the most various natural textures and Colors.Indian Virgin Remy hair or Indian Virgin Natural hair is the highest quality of human hair. It is usually called "Human Hair" because of the Proccessing method and final result. It is 100% natural and not processed, free of any damage to the cuticles. The hairs can come from any country where ladies get very good hair. The most famous is the virgin Remy hair from Brazil, but you should know that the virgin Remi hair can come from any country and still be called " Human Hair ". Different countries provide different kinds and textures of virgin remi hair. The cuticles of the hair are all intact, free from chemical processing ( VIRGIN) and are facing the same direction (REMY), which makes it 100% tangle free. Each pack is from only 1 lady's head: the hair is in its natural state. Human hair only comes in natural dark colors such as black, off black, dark brown, and medium brown. Instead of tangling the hair keeps a natural look and behavior.