Nylon Yarn

Mono-Filament Yarn are manufacturer from refine chemical acquire from petroleum like caprolactam . Each type of yarn yield characteristics proper to the chemical used. Some fiber are soft others do not burn or melt. Some resist to chemical while other are super strong. Major type are listed but other type do exist to fulfill the multitude of applications covered by this segment of the industry. NYLON: 1) Exceptionally strong 2) Supple 3) Abrasion resistant 4) Lustrous 5) Easy to wash 6) Resists damage from oil and many chemicals Apparel: Synthetic Hair / Artificial Hair , Wigs Blouses, dresses, foundation garments, hosiery, lingerie and under wear,raincoats, ski and snow apparel, suits, windbreakers Home Furnishing: Bedspreads, carpets, draperies, curtains, upholstery , Wigs Other: Synthetic Hair , Wigs , Air hoses, conveyor and seat belts, parachutes, racket strings, ropes and nets, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, tents, threads, tire cord, geotextiles.